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Find a Pharmacy


To find a pharmacy, you can access one of these printable directories or use the Pharmacy Locator Tool below. The Pharmacy Locator Tool is updated daily.


The pharmacy network may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary.

We also list pharmacies that are in our network but are outside our service area.

We call the pharmacies on this list our “network pharmacies” because we have made arrangements with them to provide prescription drugs to Plan members. A network pharmacy is a pharmacy where beneficiaries obtain prescription drug benefits provided by ATRIO Health Plans. In most cases, your prescriptions are covered under ATRIO Health Plans only if they are filled at a network pharmacy (or through our mail order pharmacy service). Once you go to one, you are not required to continue going to the same pharmacy to fill your prescription. You can go to any of our network pharmacies.

Generally, we cover drugs filled at an out-of-network pharmacy only when you are not able to use a network pharmacy. If you must use an out-of-network pharmacy, you will generally have to pay the full cost (rather than your normal share of the cost) when you fill your prescription. You can ask us to reimburse you for our share of the cost. (Chapter 7, Section 2.1 of the Evidence of Coverage explains how to ask the plan to pay you back.)

Mail Order Pharmacies

You can also get prescription drugs shipped to your home through one of our network mail order delivery programs. To order forms and get information about filling your prescriptions by mail, you may select one of our network pharmacies and contact them to start a mail order account. The mail order pharmacy will require copies of paper prescriptions requesting a three (3) month supply from your prescribing physician. For refills of your mail order prescriptions, please contact us 14 days before you think the drugs you have on hand will run out to make sure your next order is shipped to you in time. Usually a mail-order pharmacy order will get to you in no more than 5 to 7 days. If you do not receive your prescription drug(s) within this time, please contact Customer Service at 877-672-8620 (TTY 711), daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

When you order prescription drugs by mail, you can receive no more than a 90-day supply of the drug. ATRIO offers an extra benefit for mail order prescriptions. If you receive a 3 months (90-day) supply, you only pay a copayment equaling 2 months (60-day) supply.

You are not required to use mail order prescription drug services to obtain an extended supply of maintenance medications. Instead, you have the option of using a retail pharmacy in our network to obtain a supply of maintenance medications. Some retail pharmacies may agree to accept the mail order reimbursement rate for an extended supply of medications for up to 90-days per dispensing, which may result in no out-of-pocket payment difference to you. Other retail pharmacies may not agree to accept the mail order reimbursement rate for an extended supply of medication. In this case, you will be responsible for the difference in price.