Frequently Asked Questions

If your question was not featured below, please contact your local location for more information.

I have a benefits question, how do I get it answered?

Contact ATRIO Customer Service at 1-877-672-8620 (TTY 711) or visit your local ATRIO office for assistance. You can also send an email to ATRIO Customer service by using the Contact Us form.

Is my doctor in network?

You can view the ATRIO Provider Directory here . You can utilize our printable directories or our online search tool. If you need assistance in locating a provider, please contact ATRIO Customer Service.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

ATRIO does not require members to obtain a referral from their PCP to see a specialist, however some specialists may require a PCP referral before accepting a new patient into their practice. If you are a member of our Special Needs Plan, a prior authorization will be required to see out of network providers.

Is my medication covered?

You can view ATRIO drug formularies here . You can search the formulary to see if your medication is covered. For more information regarding your medication and your cost please contact our ATRIO Customer Service Team at 1-877-672-8620 (TTY 711).

Is the shingles vaccine covered?

Yes, the shingles vaccine is a covered benefit for members with Part D prescription drug coverage. The new vaccine is covered even if you have already had the old vaccine. You can read more about vaccines here .

What do I do if I get a bill from my provider that appears incorrect?

Begin by contacting ATRIO Customer Service or stopping by your local ATRIO office . We can work with you to determine if your bill is inaccurate.

What should I do if a doctor is asking me to pay in full for the care I ’m receiving at the time of my visit?

If you are seeking care at an approved Medicare provider, you should not be asked to pay for any services at the time of your visit as long as you are receiving “covered services ”. If you are uncertain whether or not the services you are seeking are covered, or the provider of your choice does not participate with Medicare, please contact our Customer Service staff prior to your visit.

How do I authorize ATRIO to speak with a person I designate?

ATRIO has a Protected Health Information Disclosure Form available. If you do not have access to print this from our website, you can contact ATRIO Customer Service or visit your local ATRIO office to request one. Complete the form to give ATRIO permission to discuss and disclose health information about you to a designated person or persons. This can include talking about your medical claims, bills, appointments, and other health-related information. Another option is to obtain a certified Power of Attorney or other legal document that your legal counsel can provide.

Why do I get so much mail from ATRIO?

All Medicare contracted health plans are required by the Centers for Medicare Services to use the U.S. Postal Service for certain mailings. You can contact ATRIO Customer Service, or send us an email via our website, to ask to be removed from non-required communications.

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