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ATRIO Health Plans will conduct its business in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations in a manner consistent with the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

If you believe that anyone who is or was employed by ATRIO Health Plans, contracted with ATRIO Health Plans or otherwise associated with ATRIO Health Plans has:
  • Violated any federal, state or local laws, rule or regulation;
  • Behaved in a manner that does not meet business and professional standards and ethics, Including Fraud, Waste, and Abuse;
  • Acted in a way to create an unsafe environment by use of violence, harassment or discrimination; or
  • Directed you to act in a way that is illegal, unethical or unsafe

Please report this immediately to the ATRIO Compliance Officer in one of the following ways:

If your complaint is regarding the Compliance Officer, you may send your report to:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • ATRIO Health Plans
  • 2965 Ryan Drive SE
  • Salem, OR 97301

Personal and Confidential

You may report anonymously if you wish to protect your identity. All reports will be kept confidential. Please provide the details of the incident including dates, a description of the incident, individuals involved and contact information as needed. The Compliance Officer or Chairman of the Board will investigate the incident in a timely manner and report findings to legal authorities if laws have been violated.


Providers may report any quality of care concerns to a Customer Service Representative. Concerns will be forwarded to ATRIO's Director of Clinical Operations for further research and investigation.

  • Customer Service
  • 1-877-672-8620