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Member Portals

We have several tools available to assist our members in navigating their ATRIO Medicare Plan. From viewing an EOB to paying a premium, our suite of portals provides Customer Service at your fingertips!

Please Note: When registering for these tools, You will need to enter your name exactly as it appears on your member ID card. It IS case sensitive.

Premium Pay Portal

Premium Pay

To register on our new Premium Pay Portal, click the button above.

Premium Pay Portal Quick Setup Instructions

Premium Pay Portal Guide: How to set up your account and automatic payments

Premium Pay allows ATRIO members to:

  • Make a one-time premium payment
  • Set up recurring monthly premium payments
  • View premium statements online and go paperless!

Member Portal

Member Portal

Member Portal User Guide

The Member Portal allows members to:

  • View prior authorizations
  • View medical claims
  • View medical EOBs and go paperless!
  • Request an ID card

Prescription Drug Portal

Prescription Drug Portal

Prescription Drug Portal User Guide

This is a portal for our members with prescription drug coverage that allows them to:

  • View current prescription drugs
  • Refill a specialty prescription
  • View prior authorizations
  • Find a pharmacy
  • View prescription drug benefit accumulators
  • View drug costs and compare pharmacies