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ATRIO Health Plan Now Offers 100-day supplies!

Effective June 1, 2022, ATRIO Medicare Advantage members are eligible to receive 100-day supply of their medications for the same copay as a 90-day supply as part of their insurance benefit.*

By utilizing 100-day supply, members will only need to fill their medications 3 times a year instead of 4 or more times using 90-day supply or less. Members who are using an extended day supply will also avoid additional trips to the pharmacy as it is especially important for members with chronic conditions to avoid crowded places during the pandemic. 

Message for members - Request your doctors to update your prescriptions to 100-day supply plus 3 refills

Message for providers - When calling in or sending prescriptions electronically, update to 100-day supply plus 3 refills

Recent studies show that a 100-day medication supply offers the following important advantages:

  • Improved medication adherence!
  • Better patient experience!
  • Save patients money!
  • Medication access improvements!

Does not include controlled substances or specialty medications