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6 Holiday Activities for Seniors

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6 Holiday Activities for Seniors

6 Ideas for Family Time During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a special time for seniors, but it can also be difficult to find age-appropriate activities to enjoy. We've compiled a list of holiday activities that seniors can do on their own or with their families to ensure everyone can take part in the celebration.

1. Decorate the holiday tree/home.

Putting up the lights and arranging your family's favorite ornaments is one of the most common and endeared holiday traditions. Why not make an entire day of it? You can invite your loved ones over to put up your tree together — discussing memories for certain decorations, and listening to your favorite holiday songs. Add in some hot cocoa and a snack, and you've got a cozy day together!

2. Host a holiday movie marathon.

Another easy activity for grandparents to do with their grandchildren is a movie marathon. You can create a master list of the movies the kids want to watch, and some old favorites that you may want to share with them. With some snacks and blankets, you can spend a day bundled up giddy with holiday cheer.

3. Start a holiday book club.

There's plenty of content for the holidays: from songs to movies and even books. If you have an aging parent or loved one, starting a book club with them is a great way to engage their brain and do an activity together. You can meet up once a week and discuss the book, and the best part is that you both can read the book together while taking it at your own pace.

4. Participate in local holiday events.

From volunteer opportunities to local concerts and choir events, the holidays are a time for communities to get together. You and your favorite senior can find the event you want to participate in, and go together as a family.

5. Host virtual holiday gatherings with family and friends.

Whether your loved one has mobility issues or is at high risk for disease, it can be difficult when seniors are unable to attend all of the holiday parties and gatherings you may hold. A great way to make them feel included is to spend time with them virtually. You can do many of these activities remotely: discussing books, holding a movie watch party, and more.

6. Write and create holiday cards and crafts.

Finally, who doesn't love handcrafted gifts this time of year? This activity can be done virtually or in person. All you'll need to do is gather supplies to decorate cards or make a craft, and you've got an afternoon of fun with the grandkids!

These are just a few holiday activity ideas for seniors to try out this season. Remember to keep safety in mind and consult a doctor before trying new physical activities. Happy holidays!