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Building Healthy Holiday Traditions

Building Healthy Holiday Traditions

Healthy Habits for the Holiday Season

With the holidays focusing on food, drink, and being merry—why not shift the reason for the season toward health and wellness? The health experts at ATRIO are here to share some tips to help make your holiday season merry, bright, and healthy too!

Set a Family Fitness Goal

When the holiday season rolls around, it can be tempting to spend your days lounging and relaxing. While it’s perfectly okay to catch up on your rest, too much sedentary behavior can be harmful to your overall health and wellness.

Rather than spending all of your family time sitting, set fitness goals or schedule activities as a new tradition! Some seasonal activities that can get the whole family moving include:

  • Running or walking a holiday 5k.
  • Taking a family walk or hike after holiday dinner.
  • Take a holiday-themed yoga class together.
  • Sing and dance to your favorite holiday music.

Express Your Gratitude

With an emphasis on buying gifts, decorating your home perfectly, and preparing for the arrival of your guests—the reason for the season can feel lost. However, you can combat this by sitting down with your family and expressing who and what you are thankful for. Not only does this help to bring your loved ones together, but it can also give your mental health a boost!

Give Back to Your Community

Another excellent way to get your loved ones together is by volunteering at your local food pantry and helping others. Donating your time and energy to those in need within your community can help them to have a happy and healthy holiday season too!

Although this time of year can focus primarily on gathering, gifts, and festive food—keep these healthful suggestions in mind to help make your holiday season jolly and bright!