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The Benefits of Napping

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The Benefits of Napping

We’ve all had that point in the day where we wish we could just put our heads down and get some shut-eye for a minute or two. Well, what if we told you it could actually help your health? A yawn or heavy set of eyes could be the sign that your body just needs some more sleep, and when you listen and take the opportunity to get some more zzz’s you might find a few of the below health benefits, too:

Reasons to Consider a Daily Nap

Helps Restore Alertness

Ever notice that after a nap, you feel energized and more alert? You might even see improved motor skills. However, the length of your nap will determine the benefits. Just 20 minutes of sleep can lead to enhanced motor skills and a better attention span, while a snooze longer than 90 minutes could leave you feeling groggy.

Gives You a Mood Boost

When you lack proper rest or you begin to hit the midday slump, you might find it hard to smile or even find that you are more irritable than normal. After a nap, you’ll be less likely to get frustrated and find yourself in an overall better mood.

Reduces Your Stress

When you make short naps part of your regular schedule, you can help reduce tension and potentially lower your risk of heart disease, too. You’ll want to ensure your rest is the same time each day, often after lunch between 1 and 3 is best, and do so in a dark room so that you can get to sleep as fast as possible.

If you find yourself extra tired throughout the day, it might be a good idea to try out adding napping into your daily routine. Start with a short nap, a dark and comfortable sleep environment, and nap at the same time daily. Happy napping, and enjoy!